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Shadow Box Illusion

Shadow Box:

Watch the magic assistant, appear from the shadows of an empty box!


Blamo Illusion


Faster than the blink of any eye this box falls apart to reveal the magic assistant. An amazing way to kick off your event with a bang!


Space Shuttle Illusion

Space Shuttle:

An original design by Extreme Entertainment pays tribute to the astronauts from Indiana who have followed their dreams.  A heart felt amazing routine as Damaris Sims disappears into the Space Shuttle only to have multiple swords and the American Flag penetrate the Space Shuttle.

Crystal Casket

Crystal Casket:

This is an eye popping show opener. 

A clear glass box is displayed, covered with a cloth then ripped away to reveal the sudden appearance of  Travisís assistant.

Man inside a Balloon

Inside a Balloon:

Experience the unimaginable.  Travis climbs

inside a balloon in front of your eyes. 

Witness this feat performed by only a select

few performers in the entire world.

Metamorphosis, Houdini Trunk Escape


Travis and Damaris Sims are considered among the fastest in the business performing the Harry Houdini metamorphosis.   Travis is handcuffed, tied in a bag and locked in a truck secured by three padlocks.  The magic assistant raises a curtain above the trunk, simultaneously changing places with Travis.  Travis unlocks the trunk to reveal the magic assistant tied up in the bag, in handcuffs and has also changed costumes.  This lighting fast metamorphosis is a must have at any event.

Temple of Benares Sword Penetration Illusion

Temple of Benares:

Witness the magic assistant disappear into this

illusion as Travis puts 16 swords through

all sides of this box.  The front doors open

to reveal all the swords but the assistant has

disappeared!  This is a must see illusion.

Rubix Cube Illusion

Rubix Cube:

A breath taking show closer that happens to be an original creation of  Travis's.  The assistant steps into the rubix cube which is then folded down to 12 inches square by Travis.  A mirror allows the audience to see all sides of the rubix cube. Three swords are placed through the cube.  You have to see it to believe it.

Guilitine Head Chopper Illusion


This classis illusion will keep the audience in stitches as Travis & a volunteer from the audience perform this hilarious routine.

Cube Zag Cutting in Half Illusion

Cube Zag:

The newest form of the cutting-in-half.

Three-dimensional shapes are pushed

completely through two sides of this

illusion complete with a metal blade.


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