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Extreme Entertainment is the creation of Travis Sims, a professional magician based in Indiana. Extreme Entertainment is a professional illusionist act that performs for audiences of all agesTravis Sims receiving his first magic set at age 7. with a magic show that challenges the imagination. 

It all started when Travis received a magic set for Christmas at seven years old.  Travis takes great pride in the fact that he is a self taught magician.  He learned his trade by research and study through books, videos, internet, attending magic conventions, and listening to advice from other magicians. 

 Travis began performing magic 3 nights a week doingstrolling magic in restaurants. Extreme Entertainment provides grand illusion shows, face painting, balloon animals, or a magician to events all year long.


Today, Extreme Entertainment travels throughout Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, & Illinois as one of the last surviving magic shows on tour. Extreme Entertainment can transform any event into a full theater experience.


Performing at fairs, festivals, resorts, corporate events, banquets,

& parties is the life of Extreme Entertainment.



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  Christian Illusionist, Travis Sims presents a gospel magic program.        


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